Help me become a good person?

Hello guys. Im here to ask for some advice. My problem is i think im no longer a good person. I feel like ive been very mean to my family lately. Ive been feeling a lot of hatred towards them. im always upset. i cant hold in my tantrums.

I used to be patient. Even when people were not nice to me, i know how to ignore it. Some people would call that being a pushover but im just trying to be a good person.

I also used to be a devoted Catholic. Before all this, I pray all the time. I even pray for my enemies!

But now, my heart is just full of hate. I easily get mad and annoyed. I would often curse at people quietly in my head but sometimes I couldnt help but just snap. I deactivated my facebook account and stopped answering my friends calls. The last thing i told them was they dont deserve a friend like me. because they dont.

Right now the people that annoy me the most is my family on my mother's side. I dont wanna hear their voice or talk to them. Its very irritating to me. Sometimes it gets too much. I would let it all out by lashing out to my mom and sister and they would cry because of the mean things i say.

My faith is getting weak. I have stopped praying. I feel empty.

Can anybody give me some advice? How can i stop being hateful and mean? How can i control my anger? Is it normal to feel this spiritual emptiness? Please answer my questions thank you


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    Hey Alma,

    First of all, I want to tell you that it's okay to feel angry. It's normal and it's human to feel anger for being mistreated or hurt.

    Being spiritual or religious can help us escape that feeling of anger - but only for a while. No religion can change our inborn nature.

    You've mentioned that you're Catholic. So it's fine if you don't believe in evolution and if you don't believe that we are animals. But we do have a lot of similarities with other animals especially mammals. We have mammary glands and hair. We both have a need to eat and go to the restroom. Like them, we feel angry for being mistreated and hurt. We are the same.

    What I'm trying to say is that feeling angry is not bad. YOU are not a bad person for being angry. You're feeling this negative emotion but that can never define you as a bad person. How you EXPRESS this anger will tell if you're good or bad.

    Hope this helps. If you have anything more in your mind, I'll be here to write back.

    - Kristina

  • It is normal to feel empty spiritually. You might be feeling these rage of emotions because you're in a transition stage. It is common to feel irritated and lost during this time of transition. You just need to reconnect with your sense of self.

    Maybe you're having trouble choosing a path for your future. You may have these expressed and unexpressed expectations from your loved ones about how you should think and behave. This could feel unnatural to you. The hate and anger taht you're experiencing is displaced towards others when the truth is that is how you feel about yourself.

    A good therapist can really help you manage this anger and all the other emotions you might be going through right now...

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